C13 Gambling & Teens

CEUs Rapid Assessment & Treatment

CEUs Rapid Assessment and Treatment processes use Applied Kinesiology, TFT, and EFT. This article explains the technique “Applied Kinesiology”, to help define the therapeutic issue(s) a client or one’s self suffers from and the use of “Thought Field Therapy” or “Emotional Freedom Techniques” to quickly resolve the problem, addictive disorder, cravings, PTSD, trauma, resistance to …

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Compulsive Spending/Debting Recovery

CEUs Auricular Acupuncture

CEUs My interest in using Acupuncture for detoxification and treating psychological, spiritual, sexual, financial problems goes back to 1989 while I was developing my private practice. Since 1973 I had been using Western medicine and Western developed counseling skills running outpatient programs in Leadville, Castle Rock, Ft. Collins, and Denver and inpatient Hospital-based programs in …

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