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CEUs Rapid Assessment & Treatment

CEUs Rapid Assessment and Treatment processes use Applied Kinesiology, TFT, and EFT.
This article explains the technique “Applied Kinesiology”, to help define the therapeutic issue(s) a client or one’s self suffers from and the use of “Thought Field Therapy” or “Emotional Freedom Techniques” to quickly resolve the problem, addictive disorder, cravings, PTSD, trauma, resistance to healing and a variety of other issues.
Since 1973 I’ve been a therapist in a methadone maintenance program, criminal justice therapeutic community, Program Director and Designer of intensive outpatient and supportive outpatient programs, Locked Hospital-based inpatient addiction treatment programs, Residential Treatment Programs, and since 1989 in Private Practice in the addiction recovery field. I’ve practiced and offered CEU courses about Reality Therapy, SMART Recovery, Women for Sobriety, Rational Recovery, Spiritual and Religious based recovery methods, 12 step approach, Gestalt, Voice Dialogue, The Silva Method, Hypnosis, The Sedona Method, CBT, DBT, Psycho Drama, EMDR, EFT, TFT, Psy-K, Balancing the brain chemicals with amino-acids, diet and nutrition, Creative Visualization, Mindful Meditation, Auricular Acupuncture for detoxification for all drugs including opiates and alcohol, PTSD and other traumas.

In 1989 I was introduced to muscle testing or Applied Kinesiology as an assessment tool. I started to use is every now and then with friends till I got comfortable with this new form (to me) of information testing. It is discovering truth from falsehood from my clients. In the early 1990’s I took a weekend training in Thought Field Therapy) read and studied the book “The Body Doesn’t Lie” by Dr. John Diamond, I then watched YouTube (applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, and Dr. James Durlacher demonstrate it and became sold on it. popularized by Gary Craig. Gary Craig also made the training very affordable and now thousands of professional and non-mental health professionals are curing, resolving, fixing, and people’s problems with his process. In fact, SAMSHA has researched and approved Thought Field Therapy as evidence-based treatment for PTSD.
Go to http://nrepp.samhsa.gov/ProgramProfile.aspx?id=60 to find the article
I took classes in Dr. Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy (the original process) a meridian tapping exercise and then became aware of Emotional Freedom Techniques (a streamlined version of TFT)
A question became rolling around in my head in the early 1990’s. The question was “if a person can be or get damaged in a second why can’t they heal in a second as well?” The answer was and is yes they can. When addicts get clean and sober, when some long or short term prisoners or recovering safe-house residents get released, they often claim a birthday. One day like 12/13/73 my clean/sober birthday, the truth is told about the behavior they had minimized, rationalized and/or denied and from that day forward they remained free from addiction and/or stayed out of jail, had healthier relationships and began living more truthful honest lives.
That question led me to a chiropractor who was holding the first training I went to in about 1993 on Thought Field Therapy. In a class of 20, we were all taking notes as no course booklets were available then. I was told in Dr. Toby Solomon’s class about Dr. Roger Callahan’s “5-minute Phobia Cure”, Dr. James Durlacher’s book “Freedom from Fear Forever” and Dr. Fred Gallo’s “Energy Psychology” I am discussing these books so you can seek them out if you are interested in learning these strategies.
I offer interactive Skype Classes as well as weekend training for those interested.
Applied Kinesiology is used in all of these approaches to healing, curing fears, phobias, addictive urges, anxiety, trauma, communication breakdowns, marriage and family problems, PTSD, incest, abuse and trauma, unresolved grief etc. It is the bodies’ lie detector. I began to use the “Power Therapies” and got comfortable with kinesiology. I now trust it completely. Remember that kinesiology is not a treatment tool it is testing tool. It tests the client’s resistance or openness to treatment, healing or cure.
The following clinical tool is one I developed for use in my practice. I added in all the clinical tools I know and invite you to create your own list. This tool is used with kinesiology and I ask the client to focus on 1 issue for us to work on. Then I go through the list and discover the information using kinesiology. This process usually takes 3-5 minutes or less. Once I have discovered the issue and the right therapy I then work with the client using the technique identified that is most beneficial for him/her. Name Date Presenting Problem ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Age of onset: 0-10 – 11-20 – 21-30 – 31-40 – 41-50 – 51-60 – 61+
Kinesiology Test Statements: I want to heal, resolve, and complete this Y N
I can heal, resolve, and complete this Y N
It’s possible to heal, resolve, and complete this Y N
I deserve to heal, resolve and complete this Y N
It’s safe to heal, resolve, and complete this Y N
I’m ready to heal, resolve, and complete this Y N
If you get a No answer state “if you could (state what they responded No to “be safe” “heal” would you be willing to heal, resolve this issue?) When you get a Yes, move on to the next No response and repeat the above process. If the door to change is closed there is no chance of resolution so by helping the client get to a Yes you can help them change. When all are yes responses you can go on to the tapping processes.
What Healing strategy will be most helpful to complete this issue: REBT – 12 Step – TFT – EFT – TAT – SMART – Radical Forgiveness – Grief Work – PsyK – Rational Recovery – Hypnosis – Refer to another professional – Bio-feedback – Pranic Healing – Reiki – Touch for Health – Therapeutic Massage – General Talk Therapy – Voice Dialog – Amino-Acids – Talk about It Form -Life Training – The Forum – Silva Method – Women for Sobriety – Other Use Applied Kinesiology to answer these questions.
There are 0-5 attachments – 6-10 attachments – 11+ attachments
Original Problem perpetrator: Mother – Father – Sister/s – Brother/s – Aunts/s Uncle/s – School Teacher/s – Family Friend/s – Minister/s – Priests – Nun/s Neighbor/s on the client.
For the purpose of this article I will focus on using Energy Psychology i.e.: the complex algorithm in Thought Field Therapy or what EFT calls EFT.
1. First have the client rate their level of discomfort on a scale (of 0 no discomfort) to (10 major discomfort) while focusing on the problem. Note answer 2. Next ask them where they feel this discomfort in their body. If they say “in their head” ask “if it weren’t in your head where would it be?” Note answer 3. Begin the tapping sequence – have them follow your lead – you can say these following things while tapping and they can parrot what you say or remain silent and just repeat them silently in their head. I use my knowledge of the chakra system and make release statements in alignment to the chakras. When they do this by themselves they do not have to remember what is said just the tapping sequence.

Tapping points: 1. Karate chop one hand on the other it does not matter which one, continue to tap til the statement below is repeated 5 times. “Even though I have this problem and do not know if this tapping will do me any good I’ll do it because this is what we are doing now”
or “I am open to release and let go of this problem and all known and unknown attachments now, even if I don’t know how to let go”.
2. Tap the tender spot on the upper left chest 1 inch below the Adam’s apple and 1 Inch out from there. State 5 times while tapping this tender spot “I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself with all my problems, limitations and conditions regardless of what I did or didn’t do, said or didn’t say”
3. with the little finger touching the side of the nose and the other fingers on the eyebrow State 5 times while gently tapping this spot “I open up to hear/receive my intuitive wisdom about the perfect resolution of this issue whether I have ever used my intuitive wisdom or not. Just because I’ve not used it before or believed it existed does not mean it is not there”.
4. This spot is the temple point – the side of the eye the V where the top and bottom of the eye meet. State 5 times while gently tapping this spot “I forgive any and all who have hurt me, including myself, regardless of what was said or done, not said or done, or how many times it was done, what they did was never about me it was always about them and what I did was always about me not them. My holding on to any of this pain, blame, and resentment only hurts me not them. I am no longer willing to give them free rent in my head. I release them and myself with forgiveness and love because that is easier on me and I deserve ease and comfort in my life.
5. Directly under the eye find the V on the bone just under the eye State 5 times while gently tapping this spot “The anxiety I feel about this problem, issue, pain is centered in the future, the past nor the future really exist because whenever they are thought of it is now and now is the only time there is”. Anxiety can only exist when I anticipate (future projection) and my body/mind acts as the obedient servants they are and brings the future projection into the now moment which is fantasy as the concrete reality of the projection is not really happening. So I now live in the now.
6. Tap directly under the nose and above the top lip. This is the start of the governing meridian the shame release point. State 5 times while gently tapping this spot, “I release the lie of shame, a belief that there is something wrong with me”. “I may have been wrong and/or my behavior was wrong or misguided but I am not wrong as a person no matter what was said or done. I release my attachment to shame now and forever”.
7. Tap directly under the lip in the dent above the chin. This is the beginning of the central meridian it is the toxic shame point. State 5 times while gently tapping this spot “Even though I have no idea how to dissolve my foundational belief that I am wrong, I cannot ever be right, no matter how hard I try I may succeed for a while but I will eventually fail again and again, I just can’t get over this but just because I do not know how to destroy these foundational beliefs does not mean that they cannot be destroyed. Regardless of the thickness of this foundation or the material it is made out of does not mean that I can’t destroy them and find my true foundation”. “Even if I don’t know how to do this does not mean I can’t do it”.
8. Tap the 2 collar bone points (go down the sternum under the Adam’s apple 1 inch then out to the right and left about 2 inches til you find a soft tender spot. State 5 times while gently tapping these spots, “I am now creating open pipes that go down my chest, down my legs and open at the bottom of my feet that carry the toxic energy out of my body and empty into the earth so I don’t step in it and no one else does either”. “I now release the toxic energy I’ve been carrying about this problem down this pipe path down to my feet and into the earth so I don’t step in it nor does anyone else”.
9. Tap 4 inches under the armpit on both sides of your body, locate and tap the tender spot. State 5 times while gently tapping these spots “I now stand for myself and in my power. I stand for the truth vs the lies I’ve told myself in the past. I stand for my new found freedom devoid of my known and unknown attachments to my problem with – name the problem being worked on”.
10. Repeat the 9 point tapping sequence again then rate the level of discomfort felt when focusing on the problem. If the discomfort is down by 2 or more points repeat the tapping sequence 2 more times, then rate the pain level again. If down by 2 or more points keep tapping till the pain level is at a 0.
The therapist is to remain neutral stating “Great” every time the client makes a report.
11. Once the discomfort is at a 0 bring up the problem again in as much detail as possible then rate the level of discomfort again. Repeat the 9 point tapping sequence again til at a 0, then repeat step 10 and 11 again if the pain level is above a 0 til it remains at a 0.
It is important to know that the problem is gone or very low before the client leaves.
Make a note of what was done so you can check it out again in the next session.
The more I use the tool the results of each session show the success of the process.
I now guarantee each session. No Change No Charge.
By using the wisdom of the body one can get an unbiased look at effective problem solving approaches. See www.contemporaryteaching.com courses c27, c29, c30, c63, c66, c69, c70 that relate to these topics. Call me 713-461-3279 or email me at ceuinfo@ceuinfo.com if you have any questions.
In closing – I ask therapist, counselors, etc. who are willing to use these processes on 20 clients over a 30 day period to keep statistics on total or partial abstinence, abstinence lengths, trauma memories resolved, problematic behavior resolved, negative self-defeating beliefs diminished, type of drug/s used, length of addiction history, issues addressed PTSD, chemical and or behavioral addictive behavior, incest, abuse, trauma, other “family of origin” problems, shame, etc.
Thank you for any and all input.
Michael Yeager B.A., LCDC, C.ht, CAS, SAP, CTC
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