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Why People Don’t Heal

Why People Don’t Heal

Why People Don’t Heal CEU’s – 15 Hours Goal:  Identifying the greatest mental blocks to healing one’s (Woundology) and removing them. Objective: This course helps with recognizing mental blocks to healing and shows ways to use the universal truth for walking through those blocks. The student will gain knowledge about wounds and stories people carry …

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C63 Silva Mind Control 6hrs

Silva Mind Control Method

Silva Mind Control Method CEU’s – 6 Hours Goal:  Gaining ability to use the mind more ways and more effective. Objective:   This 8 hour course covers practical ways to use more of your mind. This life-transforming book shows ways to overcome tension, bad habits, emotional insecurity, and even illness with the techniques of mind …

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Healing ADD

Healing ADD

Healing ADD CEU’s – 20 Hours Goal:  Understanding ADD types and treatments. Objective: This is a course about the brain and ADD, it introduces the six ADD types which are classic, inattentive, over-focused, temporal lobe, limbic and ring of fire. The course covers ADD across generations, medication, dietary and supplemental strategies. The course introduces family …

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