How to Quit Drinking Without AA
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How to Quit Drinking Without AA

CEU’s: 13 Hours

GOAL: This course is designed to inform clinicians of other options for their alcoholic clients, which will increase the odds of overall recovery.


Included with this course is the textbook written by Jerry Dorsman. Jerry developed a successful addiction treatment program through extensive research.

He began researching at a time when he himself was recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. During a period of fourteen years, he uncovered dozens of techniques that had been proven effective for people who were trying to break addictions and reclaim their lives.

His research culminated in 1991 with the publication of his first book, How to Quit Drinking Without AA. After its release this book quickly became a top-selling recovery title.

In 2006, How to Quit Drinking Without AA reached a publishing milestone. It surpassed 100,000 copies in sales.

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