Smoking Cessation with Michael Yeager
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“Not Smoking is Your Choice” by Michael Yeager

CEU/s 4 Hrs

OBJECTIVE: Smoking Cessation – “Not smoking is the easiest thing I have ever done.” 

This statement will be turned into practical action by you when you apply the principles discussed in this book. I will be discussing the change in behavior in possibly a way that you may not be used to as of yet. I encourage each and every one of you to pay close attention and take in every idea.

Your Smoking Cessation “Success” depends upon your accepting and taking action on these exercises.


  • I ask you to be willing to break out of an old belief pattern
  • I ask that you choose to become aware of how you respond to the ideas
  • This discipline required work effort of one to two seconds, ten to twenty times a day
  • Course participant will be asked to accept the fact they are responsible for every aspect of their life

COURSE MATERIAL: Smoking Cessation Book By Michael Yeager

This course is designed to help you see your relationship with smoking in a different way  .

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