C64 Waking The Tiger
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Waking the Tiger

CEU’s: 15 Hours

GOAL: This is a 15 hr CEU Pro Course that talks about the body as the healer. Waking the Tiger introduces trauma neither as a disease nor as a non-reversible life sentence but as a wound that can be healed. This course helps to untangle the mystery of trauma in its many forms.


The course discusses 4 sections – The Body as Healer, Symptoms of Trauma, Transformation and Renegotiation, and First Aid for Trauma. There are useful exercises that will help you begin to know the felt sense through your own experience.

  • Section One looks at the innate wisdom to heal that we all have and weaves it into a coherent whole.
  • Section Two presents a more in-depth account of the core elements of a traumatic reaction and the reality a traumatized person lives with.
  • Section Three describes the process by which we can transform our traumas, whether they be personal or social.
  • Section Four provides practical information to help prevent trauma from developing after an accident.

Course Text – Waking the Tiger