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Treating Gambling Problems

Treating Gambling Problems

This 15 hour course gives clear definition of the problem and different kinds of the addiction.

Compulsive Gambling 18hrs

Compulsive Gambling 18hrs

To define compulsive gambling behaviors, assessment tools, family of origin issues and treatment strategies.

Gambling & The Family

Gambling & The Family

This course discuss’s a systems approach as it relates to the effects of Compulsive Gambling on family members

Compulsive Gambling Ethics & Treatment

Gambling – Ethics & Treatment

This course is to identify ethical concerns and treatment strategies for treating pathological gamblers.

C14 - Gambling & Special Populations - 3hrs

Gambling & Special Populations

Instructing the professional on how to identify, verify and treat this addictive disorder.


Compulsive Gambling – An Overview

Gambling behaviors, assessment tools, family of origin issues and treatment strategies.

C13 Gambling & Teens

Gambling & Teens

To focus on statistical information and case studies of adolescents who demonstrate problems with pathological gambling.

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"Michael Yeager has been one of the pioneers in the addictions, behavioral heath, trainings and personal wellness field for many years. I have and will continue to access Michael's services for clients in need or for professionals seeking continued training."
Christopher J Brekka CEAP, RAS
" I appreciate the way you used yourself and some of your client’s experiences to help the audience understand your points. It was obvious from the several people with tearful eyes that you struck chords that run deeper than the cognitive level."
W. Andrew Smith, Ph.D.
Counseling and Testing Services
"Under Michael’s direction and leadership, St. John the Divine successfully hosted a nine-week Codependency Education series and a six-week Family Systems series of lectures. Attracting as many as 600 people per session."
Stephen M. Smith
St. John the Divine Episcopal Church
"I took one of Michael's courses last years, it was so clear and well written, it made the whole experience enjoyable. I signed up for two more to help me with my training and some of my own issues. I cannot recommend CEU Pro courses highly enough".
Lindsey Churchill LCDC
Private Practice