Therapeutic Value of AA’s 12 Steps (Subscription)

This Therapeutic Value of AA’s 12 Steps course is excellent.
I wholeheartedly recommend….  – John Bradshaw

Therapeutic Value of AA’s 12 Steps

GOAL: This course is excellent. It captures the language and needs of young people in a very powerful supportive way.


  • This workbook and course is  for those age from 13-30 who desire to create a life without the negative influence of legal and illegal drugs and/or alcohol.
  • We also include, sexual addiction, pathological gambling, compulsive spending,
  • Other issues include eating disorders, rage/anger outbursts,
  • Unresolved grief/loss from death or non-death related losses.
  • It also covers how to release their attachment to negative self-defeating core beliefs.  

CEU’s: 12 Hours



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