Energy Psychology TFT-EFT

Energy Psychology TFT-EFT

Energy Psychology TFT-EFT CEU’s – 15 Hours GOAL: Energy Psychology TFT-EFT is a 15-hour Cutting-Edge SAMHSA Evidence Based course. This CEU training is centered on acupressure points used in Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques.  COURSE INFO: Come and learn what M.D.s, nurses, ministers, Ph.Ds. & LCDC’s, LPC’s, LMFT,Social Workers, ministers, massage therapist and […]

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C64 Waking The Tiger

Waking the Tiger

Waking the Tiger CEU’s: 15 Hours GOAL: This is a 15 hr CEU Pro Course that talks about the body as the healer. Waking the Tiger introduces trauma neither as a disease nor as a non-reversible life sentence but as a wound that can be healed. This course helps to untangle the mystery of trauma in

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