Summer Series 2016 -“There is No Secret”

Saturday July 16, 2016 Noon to 2 pm at the Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. of Houston, Texas
We are already “attracting to ourselves, what we believe at the deepest levels of self, most just happen to be unconscious of it.” The natural process of our thinking leads us to the correct and accurate thoughts as well as the behaviors necessary for us to achieve all we have.

In thisworkshopI will be sharing information and knowledge to those wishing to grow
with their understanding of
‘The Law of Conscious Attraction”
I also will discuss and teach some rapid recovery techniques to challenge, change and refocus,
based on your new understanding of the true power you have always had.
Think-Think-Think and Wake up-Wake up-Wake up –
"We live in a creative universe whether we acknowledge it, know it or not."

By slowing down, one can notice that whatever is brought into their life, is created in thought or envisioned before it manifests. So within – so without is a very old and VERY true statement of absolute fact.
Conscious awareness means, for my purposes here, that one is awake to their thought life and consciously choosing to hold the thoughts that are in alignment with bringing to you, your heart’s desire.
The work begins with inventorying one’s life to see the patterns of behavior that are engaged in most often which brings you closer to or further away from your goals.
Next, you will identify the thoughts focused on prior to the manifestations in your life. Notice that they are in alignment with each other.
In the class I will offer empowering techniques to build on your existing skills. Business professionals, sales people, therapists and those wishing to live a more empowered life will benefit from this program. Come join us on Saturday, July 16th, 2016 at the Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. of Houston, Texas form 12 – 2 pm.
For more information contact me personally at 713-461-3279. or visit our
Cost $30.00 or more is the suggested donation.
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