Welcome to the next evolution here at Contemporary Teaching.
Contemporary Teaching started in the addiction recovery field when he got off drugs and alcohol in 1973 and has worked for various treatment programs in Texas and Colorado til 1989. His positions have ranged from beginning level counselor, clinical supervision, Program Designer, Director & Staff Trainer.
In 1986 he became certified as grief recovery counselor as many of his hospital clients were suffering from unresolved grief and the addicts/alcoholics/behavioral addicts he was treating had a very difficult time letting go of their lifestyle, the chemicals and behaviors as well as an image of themselves. Shame and co-dependency = loss of sense of self! This being so he began using Terry Kellogg’s “Broken Toys Broken Dreams” perspective of Concurrent Treatment of Chemical and Behavioral Addictions. He noticed that he was ahead of the mindsets of other clinicians and began training seminars to at least make these ideas available to more therapist.
In 1989 he created Contemporary Teaching for live and home-study CEU educational seminars for therapist and opened his private practice. He started with 10 courses and now has so many more. Since 1989 the mission has remained the same, to pioneer cutting edge treatment strategies that work to resolve, heal, put in remission addiction to (alcohol, legal and illegal drugs, sexual, gambling, spending, relationship, love, eating, internet, porn, co-dependency (recovering ones lost sense of self), trauma, abuse, unresolved grief.
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