The Silva Method makes for a healthy mind

I first took the Silva Course in 1980. I have found it to be the most practical program I’ve ever taken. The strategies are easy to learn, they produce powerful results, as a therapist I have applied all or most of the experimental processes to client with excellent results. I know that because of my experience with Silva I went on and developed more skills as a hypnotherapist.
C63 is Contemporary Teachings 6 hour homestudy courseon this wonderful process. Why this process is an excellent therapy tool for client recovery is because it uses the power of the subconscious mind to locate the answers stored within the person. The exercises incorporate visualization, which is a recall faculty of the mind. Whether the person is visual, auditory or kinetic they can recall in language specific to them and use the information to bring about personal freedom and recovery.
Imagination is the creative faculty of the mind that brings into existence something that has not occurred yet. As Rosa Rivas, a Silva instructor, states
“Programming is the art of constructing our own life from within”.
The strong anchors used are Desire. Desire is the seed of creation. Fear of Change is the enemy of desire. The antidotes to fear are:
Write a list of advantages for overcoming ones fear. Draw out the goals with a colored pen and keep them out to review daily. If possible draw them in picture form as well as using the written word. Place these pictures or words in the peripheral portion of your vision. This position has the greatest effect on the inner conscious of the mind.
Belief – Is like the fertilizer of the seed of creation (desire). The enemy of belief is “Doubt”. To offset doubt create a success journal of all the successes you have had in recent and long past history. The outer conscious mind needs proof of all situations. Successes are great proof. If it is difficult to come up with successes begin each day by writing done 2-3 things you are guaranteed to succeed at like brushing your hair, teeth, eating a meal, making a phone call etc. at the end of the day check off the successes. Make sure to set goals that you are guaranteed to achieve and then give yourself credit for achieving them.
Expectation – Is what causes fruition. The enemy of expectation is “Guilt”. The healings of guilt are: self-forgiveness, becoming eager to experiencing the goal and not anxious. Create a powerful affirmation like” I anticipate all upcoming events with enthusiasm and expectation of good”.
Another aspect of the Silva Method is Subjective Communication. This is mind to mind communication. I love this one because it gives the person doing the work the opportunity to deal directly with the person they have a problems with, without them having to actually face them now. The process is simple. I have them go to an alpha state. This is done by my counting down from 3 to 1 and making the suggestion that they are going deeper to a deep relaxed state of mind. At alpha consciousness all is connected.
Once at alpha the message to the person they are contacting is best to be delivered in a friendly manner. The message is best to say “what is right”, and refrain from ‘who is wrong”.
The message needs to be concise. State the intention clearly and be brief.
Explain to the person or persons being contacted why it is good for them to do what is being suggesting to them.
Explain to the person being contacted how to objectively locate the person making contact.
This is a great method of making amends or asking for something from the other person.
The Silva method has many more processes to aid people in improving their lives etc.
Michael Yeager BA., LCDC, C.Ht, LMT, CAS, SAP, CCS, CTC is the CEO of the Council on Holistic Healing and Recovery and owner of Contemporary Teaching home-study courses. Contact Michael at 713-461-3279.
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