CEUs Saying Goodbye, Letting Go

This topic is tender for all who experience it as the feelings associated with loss are often times overwhelming whether they stem from death or non-death related loss.
I have found that most people have no training or knowledge in or about saying goodbye. All psychological work is grief work in that people are attempting to hold on to something or someone who is no longer in their life as it or they were in the past and are now experiencing the pain of letting go so they can take their life back.
Grief work is what is done to recover from co-dependency (the loss of one’s sense of self), shame, behavioral or chemical addictive disorders, living with a chemical or behavioral addict, children leaving or not leaving home, not being able to have children, getting married, resolving differences at work or in a relationship, developing trust, children graduating, getting into trouble, going to jail, getting out of jail, incest, sexual abuse, rape, divorce, loss of mental health, PTSD, separation, body parts, loss of physical health, loss of sense of self, self-esteem, self-worth, retirement, moves and so much more.

Therapy that includes a focus on grief helps you let go sooner and at a deeper level which makes for a long-lasting solid recovery.
It is hard work so asking yourself many times “do I want to recover” an important question to keep you motivated if you answered yes. The time it takes to recover is completely up to you. Time does not heal anything.
I use typical talk therapy, motivational techniques, timeline therapy, imagery, CBT, DBT, energy psychology, acupressure tapping TFT/EFT, massage, Reiki, and other chakra balancing techniques. If the bad in one’s life can happen in an instant so can recovery take place in an instant, the law of duality? Regardless, it is not time that heals, it is what one does with time.
If time healed wounds we would not have so many pissed off old people.
I have found that as soon as you can identify and say your truth loudly, honestly with the full meaning behind your expression of (anger, hurt, sorrow, amends, thank you, forgiveness, take with you, leave with me, and anything else) you can then say goodbye to the person, place, thing, feeling or event and then be able to decide now what kind and type of relationship you want to have with it or them now.
Grief recovery is not about forgetting – it is about deciding how you will remember the person, place, thing, or event that is no longer in your life now.
Our life walk has joys, sadness, hopes, dreams, death, birth, loss, loves, anger, hurt, forgiveness, growth, slide backs, addiction, dysfunction, recovery, relapse, regrets, trauma, shame, loss of sense of self.
Embrace it all, after all, it is your life, claim it.
LCDC’s, Social workers, Critical Care workers, Professionals working with PTSD, EAP’s, LMFT’s, LPC’s, Ph.D’s, MD’s, Nurses, Ministers, Clergy, Grief Counselors will all benefit from this work. CEU’s available. c4 10 Hour CEU Course,
Michael Yeager B.A., LCDC, C.ht, CAS, SAP, Certified Grief Recovery Counselor – Owner of Contemporary Teaching, Clinical Director of The Council on Holistic Healing and Recovery, 9525 Katy Freeway, Suite 428, Houston, Texas 77024
713-461-3279 – ceuinfo@ceuinfo.com.
Since 1973 he has helped people find what they are looking for in themselves. Since 1989 he began provided therapist and mental health workers CEU’s through live and home-study and Skype clinical training.
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